The Better Bombshell

The Better Bombshell is a forthcoming book that features the original writing and visual art of an incredible community of contributors. We often use this blog to feature outside voices, but once a month we feature some of our own amazing writers and artists.  Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Adventure and lifestyle photographer Jason Thompson has been working hard at home in Bozeman, Montana. Jason works with clients like Black Diamond Equipment, Patagonia, and Skiing Magazine Brazil, and he’s collaborating with writer Dan Mickelsen for The Better Bombshell.

He recently covered the Bozeman Ice Festival, and we’re in love with the time-lapse video he put together.


In another snowy part of the world, contributing writer Heather Lende is hard at work on her novel in her home in Haines, Alaska. She’s already written two nonfiction books: If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name and Take Good Care of The Garden and The Dogs.  She’s also a regular contributor to Woman’s Day, and we love the column she wrote called “Confessions of a Former Perfectionist.” We love the way it starts:

I’m watching the tide come in here at the beach near my house on a lovely sunny afternoon, wishing I could be outside. Instead I’m at my desk typing, in my two-fingered way. (Yes, that’s how I do it, using only my index fingers—“hunting and pecking,” my mother called it.) 

In front of me on the computer screen is an essay for my master’s degree in fiction writing. I decided three years ago at age 49 that this was important. But somehow I forgot that going back to college meant I’d have homework, even in the summer.

At the moment, I am cursing at my laptop as I try to italicize book titles (no more underlining them, like I did when I was in college). The university expects the paper to be perfect. That’s my advisor’s word. Perfect. I thought no one used that term anymore—in preschool and in yoga class it is not allowed. 

I don’t believe in perfect anymore.  [Keep reading.]


Speaking of Alaskan writers, we can’t wait for readers to see what Tim Lash wrote for The Better Bombshell.  Tim is an interesting character, as demonstrated by the biography he sent us:

Tim Lash was born in Washington, D.C. in 1978. Homeschooled through high school, he studied classics at George Mason University and creative writing at the University of Alaska. His writing has appeared in various publications including The Washington Post and DUPE. He has worked as a construction laborer, a Bible teacher, a copywriter, and a humanitarian fundraiser. He is married and lives in Juneau, Alaska, where he is writing a series of plays.

Tim is also a regular contributor to StageGrade, though the real reason we’re featuring Tim is so that we have an excuse to highlight his fashion sense as a young chap. Who wouldn’t want to read this man’s interpretation of modern-day feminism?


Stay tuned for more updates from The Better Bombshell.

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