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We’ve been excited to announce lots of press about The Better Bombshell recently, but today we want to highlight some achievements by our incredible contributing writers and artists.

Potty humor specialist, New York Times best-seller, and Pulitzer-Prize winner Dave Barry is on tour to promote his new book, Insane City. This is how it starts:

     Two days before his wedding, Seth was in a cab with his best man, Marty, who was advising him on the responsibilities of the groom.
     “Your job,” Marty said, “is to get hammered.”
     “I’ve seen the movies,” said Seth. “It never ends well.”
     “It’s a tradition,” said Marty. “The groom, about to give up his old lifestyle forever, spends one last night partying with his buddies, laughing with them, crying with them …”
     “Throwing up on them,” said Seth.
     “Not on the best man,” advised Marty. “That’s the function of the lower-ranking groomsmen.”

In The Better Bombshell, Dave wrote a piece called “What Men Want,” which is primarily about his opinions on women with short hair. Andrea Wicklund, the short-haired artist he worked with, responded with a piece she titled “A Fox Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep.”  (We think Barry and Wicklund are destined to be BFFs.)


On a different note, Bombshell contributor Roxane Gay has had a wonderful year: her writing has been featured in Best American Short Stories 2012, the Rumpus, the Wall Street Journal, and Oxford American. She’s also an Assistant Professor of English at Eastern Illinois University and the co-editor of the literary journal PANK.

For The Better Bombshell, Gay collaborated with artist Siolo Thompson on a piece of fiction called “Important Things To Know.”  The piece is beautiful — so beautiful, in fact, that it’s being re-published this spring in Copper Nickel. We couldn’t help but share one of Thompson’s beautiful illustrations (left), titled “Only In Death.”







Contributors Charlotte Austin and Rodrigo De Mederios collaborated on a piece called “Ten Things About Love,” which highlighted some of Austin’s experiences working in the outdoor world.  We couldn’t help sharing a sneak peak of some of the incredible images from the shoot!

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