The Better Bombshell

Kate Protage

Kate  is a Seattle-based painter whose work is rooted in the real—the junction between sensation and fact. Her paintings and drawings are meant to exist in that grey area between representation and abstraction, where light and solid form are given equal consideration and are almost interchangeable.

Growing up, Kate and her family lived in more than 18 different places of suburban sprawl.  As an adult, she shifted toward more urban environments, but continued the same pattern of movement until she settled in Seattle in 2006. Along the way, she collected B.A. degrees in Art and English Literature from Smith College, as well as an M.F.A. in Painting from Pratt Institute. She also took a decade-long hiatus to work in advertising, but the desire to paint again became so strong that she eventually found her way back to her passion. Kate has regularly shown her work at galleries in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Princeton, New York and Seattle. She is currently affiliated with Core Gallery and the Seattle Art Museum’s Sales and Rental Gallery.

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