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Rodrigo De Medeiros

Born in Brazil, Rodrigo DeMedeiros is an award-winning photographer and film producer. He holds a BA in Advertising (University of Brasilia, Brazil) and a AAA in Commercial Photography (through the Art Institute of Seattle). Specializing in fashion, editorial, advertising and travel, he has worked with clients including Corbis, Microsoft, Babolat, T-Mobile, Boy Scouts of America, and David Barton Gym.

When he is not photographing, shooting films commercially, acting, or producing,┬áRodrigo likes to travel abroad and visually document his experiences. His work has appeared in publications and periodicals nationwide and internationally, including San Francisco-based CMYK, Seattle Magazine, Japanese PRECIOUS, Tennis Magazine and 425 Magazine – recently named the “Vanity Fair of the Eastside” by the Seattle PI, and to which he contributes regularly.

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